History of Women: Women and the Medieval Church

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A good history essay uses scholarly sources to tell a story about a sharply focused topic.

By the time you have written a draft of your research essay, it is anticipated that there may be some shifts in your research focus from its initial presentation in the essay proposal. This is fine, and this is why the initial assignment is regarded as a working proposal with a working bibliography appended to it.

The production of historical scholarship entails using good rhetorical skills so that your reader will trust you and will follow your discussion happily. Ideas are best expressed straightforwardly. In writing a history essay, it’s good to assume an intelligent but non-specialist readership as you think about how to present ideas and explain concepts:

Clearly written prose is important because you want your reader to be able to follow the flow of your discussion easily.
Offer definitions of terms, especially if your essay introduces big concepts or technical ideas.
Use dates as reference points. For all the obvious reasons, dates are important for work in history.
If your research essay is going to focus on change over time with respect to a particular subject, it’s conventional to present the discussion of serial events or developments in chronological order from the earliest to the most recent.
Beware of shifting verb tenses within a single paragraph, and remember to proofread for syntax, punctuation, and spelling errors in your final essay draft.

There is an entire online research universe available to you just one tab over from the screen you’re reading right now. Make use of the scholarly resources available via the internet in support of your studies in our course. In any case, the two ‘proposal + research essay’ assignments entail working mostly with the printed primary sources that appear in our course sourcebook and supporting this discussion with the secondary sources presented in our course textbook. Note, however you are required to use at least one additional source beyond the sourcebook and texts.

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