Family Theory and Intervention Paper

This assignment is approximately a 6-8 page paper that requires students to demonstrate their
understanding of the specific tasks and skills involved in the beginning and middle phase of
practice with a family and the theoretical and empirical support for their work. Using a family
that the student is working with or could envision working with, the student their agency or
could envision working with and discuss the following: the agency you work for and its
mandate; who is the client or client system and how they were referred; the presenting concern;
and other important information necessary to understand the case situation

● A brief description of the agency context and mission, client identifying information, how
the client/client system was referred, the presenting issue (s)
● Preparation Issues/Decision (e.g. who should be included and when)
● Engagement Techniques (e.g. joining)
● Problem and Goal Specification
● Assessment of Family Functioning (including a genogram and ecomap)
● Intervention Strategies in Working with this Family.

The discussion and critique of each stage should be grounded in the relevant required readings
and at least 3 additional readings from academic journals that inform how to work with this
family at each stage of the intervention process.
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Required Text(s)
Shulman, L. (2016). The skills of helping individuals, families, groups, and communities (8th ed.).
Brooks/Cole. ISBN-13: 978-1-111-5215-7.
Zastrow, C.H, Kirst-Ashman, K.K., & Hessenauer, S.L. (2019). Empowerment Series;
Understanding human behavior in the social environment (11th Ed.). Belmont, California:

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