Discuss the therapeutic relationship that places adults at the centre of their own decision making wherever possible.

You are required to submit a case study for the module assessment . The case study is 100% of the module mark.
• The case study must cover the learning outcomes for the module (1-5).
o Discuss the therapeutic relationship that places adults at the centre of their own decision making wherever possible.
o Demonstrate the evidence base required to care for and support adults with acute health conditions.
o Examine a range of health assessment strategies and tools in order to apply them relevant adult practice settings.
o Apply the principles of risk assessment and management that reflect positive risk taking in adult care.
o Consider the relevant legal and ethical issues when delivering and evaluating care for adults with health difficulties.
• Each Learning outcome must be addressed in your case study. Failure to address a learning outcome will result in a refer grade.
• The word count or equivalent is 4000 words
• To pass the module, you must a chieve a mark of 40% or above for the case study.
Your case study, in whatever format you are using, should be presented in a logical and coherent
structure with an introduction, main body / discussion, and conclusion.
• You are expected to reference your work drawing on relevant sources – for example: national policies, published articles / books (for example research, evidence, scientific knowledge). Please access original sources and do not reference lecture notes.
• Referencing system: All submissions must use the APA 7th Edition referencing system available within the blackboard space under assignment related information.
• Grading criteria: Please refer to the University’s grading rubric to see how the case study will be marked. This is available under assignment related information on the module’s Blackboard space.
For the case study you should:
• Identify a patient Martin –
Voluntary presentation to triage in ED with
alleged intentional overdose of x15 500mg
paracetamol tablets. Taken 45 minutes ago
with water. This is the first time he has done
this, no previous medical history although he
states he has been feeling very low for over a year.
There are links to the ADME of medications and
consider the potential effects to the relevant body
systems: gastric upset, metabolism (Liver),
psychological assessment & mental health liaison.
This patient is not within the SIM handbook – you
can decide the age and social history.

⦿ How and when they presented for acute care
⦿ What their presenting symptoms are
⦿ How severe their presenting symptoms are
⦿ Their vital signs
⦿ Their emotional state
⦿ What points of care you give?
⦿ What pharmaceutical interventions are used?

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