Criminal Justice and Restorative Justice

In the last section of our course, we discussed not only how the way we currently and historically
respond to crime in the United States is largely ineffective at preventing future crime and
ensuring public safety, but that the way we respond to crime may produce unintended
consequences. Recognizing this, many experts and advocates in the field of criminal justice are
working together to Reims fine a criminal justice system” that produces less harm while
simultaneously guaranteeing public safety, holding offenders accountable, and repairing the
harm their crimes have caused.
Think about how society responded to Shaka’s crimes in Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death, and
Redemption in an American Prison. Do you feel that the way society responded to Shaka’s
crimes was the best way to hold Shaka accountable, guarantee public safety, and repair the harm
his crimes caused? If so, make your case for each of these items, drawing from the concepts
covered (Sered book/lectures) in the last section of our course. If not, Reims fine your own
criminal justice system. How does society respond to Shaka’s crimes in this Reims fined system?
How is Shaka held accountable, public safety guaranteed, and the harm he caused repaired?

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