Analyzing Modern Literature


This assignment helps you think critically about aspects of modernism in literature and how these cultural attitudes appear in art. It also helps you prepare for the Modernism Essay.


Read Hemingway’s “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” and annotate it, looking for aspects that match or differ from Howe’s definition of modernism.

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List three examples of how you think this story fits the definition with specific examples/quotations from the story. Use an MLA in-text citation to identify the source of the quotation. Also identify the page on which this characteristic appears in Howe’s article.
For example: Howe defines modernist literature as “dark” and “disturbing” (1); we see this in Hemingway’s story when the waiter discuss the old man’s attempted suicide (3). (Don’t use these examples.)
Explain some aspect of the story that you think does not fit Howe’s definition of modernism. (At least 2-3 sentences with evidence.)

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