What is it about our beliefs that make it difficult to be consistent?

Consider your original position when you entered the class regarding Flat Earthers and the idea that things are relative.. Consider also that we all hold beliefs that we have no evidence for. For example, faith or lack of faith in God, aliens, monsters under the bed, the goodness or badness of certain people, etc. Think through your responses throughout the semester. Were you logically consistent with how you treat your own irrational beliefs and the idea that we do need facts in order to believe something. Was there something you learned in the course that made you think more about being logically consistent? If you are working on consistency, explain one of the tools you may have knowingly or unknowingly used to help you in this endeavor. Your paper should include; 1. Where you were consistent. 2. Where you were inconsistent. 3. If you were to apply the tools you have learned in this course to determine what should be done, which tools would you use, and why? 4. How you would work to find evidence or if you cannot find it, rid yourself of irrational beliefs? 5. What is it about our beliefs that make it difficult to be consistent? 6. Final observations about critical thinking for you in everyday life. Will it make a difference?

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