Draw the HIV life cycle and indicate where the process can be interrupted.

1. Draw the HIV life cycle and indicate where the process can be interrupted. 2. Prevention of HIV infection is key whenever possible. What possible target audiences would you want to reach in a prevention program? Create a teaching plan for one of these target audiences. 3. Draw a body and show the clinical manifestations of HIV and AIDS and how to assess for each one. 4. A 43-year-old man who is an IV drug user and in a committed relationship wants to reduce the risk of HIV infection. A. What is the evidence base on strategies to reduce risk from use of IV/injection drugs? B. What is the evidence about the effectiveness of needle exchange programs? C. How would you determine the strength of the evidence and how would you present information to him? 5. A 20-year-old female college student comes to the student health clinic stating she had unprotected sex with a partner she suspects is HIV positive.a. What further questions do you have for her?b. What is your priority focus for her physical examination?c. What diagnostic tests and treatments may you anticipate? 6. A nurse is caring for a patient with HIV who is being treated with ARTWhat should the nurse include in the essential education needs for the patient regarding the goals and benefits of ART? 7. You are making a home visit to a patient with AIDS who lives alone and has become weak and debilitated.a. Describe the aspects of the home environment that you would assess to ensure safety and adequate care.b. Describe the nursing plan of care to promote adherence with ART and other medications since the patient is taking multiple different medications many times during the day.c. Identify the resources you could use to help support this patient to remain at home. 8. You are caring for a patient whose HIV has developed into AIDS. What is the definitions of AIDS? What are some clinical manifestations of AIDS that you would want to assess for? 9. Create a support map or chart. Identify individuals (including healthcare providers) who are available to support an individual experiencing HIV disease and their associated roles and responsibilities.

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