Possess a strong ethical compass and an understanding that real economic value creation should be socially and environmentally sustainable.

IE University considers the humanities as one of its foundations and constantly promotes the intellectual and professional development of students who cultivate, study and enjoy disciplines and related fields. Candidates must demonstrate that they have publicly and regularly participated in activities related to the humanities.

Amount: Several scholarships that cover between 10% and 30% of the cost of tuition.

Open to all nationalities for candidates admitted to the IE Brown Executive MBA

IE University and Brown University have joined forces to train executives and entrepreneurs who are not afraid to face difficult and complex questions or challenges; preparing them to be agents of change in their organization, industry and community.

Amount: This scholarship can cover up to 75% of tuition costs. The amount awarded will depend on the status of the scholarship fund at the time, the profile and the specific circumstances demonstrated by the candidate.

Applicant Profile:

Entrepreneurially Minded
Employ innovative thinking to turn challenges into opportunities
Keen to explore how the latest breakthroughs in science and engineering can lay the foundation for breakout entrepreneurial ventures.

Globally Aware and Inquisitive
Aspire to understand how the history, culture, and politics of countries and regions shape the marketplace in a global business environment.

Enjoy questioning conventional wisdom and critically examining concepts such as rationality, value and globalization
Morally Grounded.

Possess a strong ethical compass and an understanding that real economic value creation should be socially and environmentally sustainable.

Mindful that human beings are at the very center of management
Authentic and Flexible.

Able to cope with ambiguity – the attributes needed to manage and lead in times of change.

Cognizant of their own values and principles and not afraid to lead.

Please explain in no more than 800 words why you believe you should be considered for the selected scholarship(s), and how you meet their specific requirements.

If your scholarship selection includes a “scholarships under institutional agreement”, you are required to indicate in the essay which is the partner organization. Scholarships that fall under this category will not be listed individually among scholarships available for a certain program but only under the said category; they usually refer to scholarships awarded pursuant to a collaboration with other education institutions (schools or universities) or with membership-based organizations, targeting their students, alumni and/or members.

Keep in mind that the scholarship awarding process is competitive. When it comes to determining selection and amount, the personal circumstances you demonstrate will be taken into account. If you believe that any aspects of your financial situation have not been adequately reflected in the application, please make sure to highlight in your essay any special circumstances that apply to you.

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