How might the loss of species affect you?

Read the article from Smithsonian magazine, titled, “One Million Species at Risk of Extinction,” about a report on the status of global biodiversity. The article argues that because of both indirect and direct effects of human activities many species are threatened with extinction. This, in turn, threatens the lives and livelihoods of many people. This discussion will help you succeed in this course by explaining why maintaining biodiversity is important, identifying threats and describing ways to minimize these impacts and describing ways to preserve biodiversity.

In the Discussion, answer the following questions:

1. How might the loss of species affect you? Consider whether it might change what you eat, any recreational activities (e.g. fishing) you enjoy, or your chosen profession.
2. In your community, do you think some people might be more affected than others? Who? Why?
3. Are there any efforts in your community or region to prevent species extinction? (You might need to look this up.) Who are the people involved? What are they doing? Have you done anything to preserve biodiversity?

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