How can a company evaluate the effectiveness (how well it works, produces the desired outcome) and efficiency (level of cost-effectiveness) of the chosen HR area?

Topic 1: Recruitment & Selectionrnrn rnFirst the students have to develop a theoretical knowledge related to their chosen topic area:rn rn· What are the most important theoretical concepts and methods to be known? (Source: Martocchio, J. (2019). Human resource management. 15th Global Edition ed. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education.rntextbook)rn rnThe second step is to get an insight into what are the current innovations and ethical problems related to the chosen topic for HR professionals working in the field. For this purpose, student will need to review HR related professional weeklies, monthlies, and academic journals. Based on their secondary research, students should be able to address the following issues:rn rn· What are the current innovations in the chosen HR field? How could they be linked to the basic concepts, methods of the topic? (Source: HR related professional weeklies, monthlies, and academic journals)rn· What type of ethical problems might occur related to the application of the chosen HR field, and why do you think they occur? (Source: textbook, HR related professional weeklies, monthlies, and academic journals)rn rnThe third step of the assignment reflects on how companies can evaluate their performance in the chosen HR field.

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