What are the issues facing low wages workers?

Term Paper Description, instruction and deadline
Students are required to write a term paper which analyzing the following:
a) historical or contemporary perspectives on issues related to human society and organization, including a diversity of cultures;
b) using that knowledge to compare solutions to complex problems; and
c) exploring ethical modes of citizenship and collective action on local and global scales.
1.Please read the following paper entitled “Can Low-Wage Workers Find Better Jobs?” by Tod Gabe, Jaison R. Abel and Richard Florida.
2.Research the federal reserve and its role on monetary policies.
3.Write a brief summary of your findings which should include:
a) Describe the federal reserve and its role in the economy
b)What tools does the federal reserve uses to impact the economy?
c) Describe the article “Can low-wage workers find better jobs” and discussed the issues that the article try to address:
1. What are the issues facing low wages workers?
2. Does the issues faced by low wage workers aligned with the goals of the federal reserve?
d) Based on your research and studies, provide some solutions (using some of the tools used by the federal reserve that could help resolving the issues you identified that low wage workers face.

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