Vulnerable Population Concept Map and Summary.

Assignment Overview
Identify one vulnerable population within a selected community. Explore current literature and related data to better understand the variables that place this population at risk for health concerns and health disparities. Analyze national health directives (such as Healthy People or another national initiative) to determine correlation with needs/risks/disparities of the vulnerable population.

Part 2: Summary Paper
In a 1–3 page paper, address the elements listed below. Include a minimum of four scholarly sources, current within 5 years, to support your work. See the rubric for specific, required content criteria within each section of the paper.

Provide an introduction to the paper.
Include a succinct descriiption of the vulnerable population identified, a minimum of three variables that place the population at risk, and the identified health risk(s) or disparity that the population is at risk of experiencing. Explain how the concept map portrays the relationships between each element:
Vulnerable population
Variables that place the vulnerable population at risk (minimum of three)
Health risks and disparities for which the population is at risk (minimum of one)
Identify one national population health goal or objective that relates to the identified risk or disparity (such as Healthy People or another national initiative). Propose one strategy for advanced nursing practice to collaborate at the local, state, or national level to advocate for the health of the vulnerable population and advance the Healthy People goal or objective that is identified.

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