Describe the implementation of the independent variable.

Now that you have identified a behavior, population, and setting, you will start to review the literature related to that behavior. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based practice, which means it’s important for practitioners to identify and recommend treatments that are based on evidence from research. This literature review will help you to identify research to support your decisions in later sections when writing your hypothetical behavior analytic study.


Use the Capella Library to locate four recent (within the past 5–7 years) behavior analytic, single-subject design articles related to the behavior you selected in the last assignment.
Review the Literature Review Template [DOCX], which you will use to complete your assignment.
If you need help using the Capella library, review the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Research Guide.

Complete a literature review to support your hypothetical behavior analytic study.

Identify the dependent variable in each study.
This should be your selected targeted behavior.
Describe the implementation of the independent variable.
This should be the intervention or interventions used.
Identify the single-subject design in each study.
Describe the data collection procedure and interobserver agreement (IOA) method used.
Describe the internal, external, and social validity of each study.
Describe the conclusions to each study, including the effectiveness of the interventions.

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