Data Analytics for Enhancing Performance and Recruiting in Supply Chains, Human Resources, and Professional Sports.

In this module’s lesson, you learned about metrics used to evaluate supply chain efficiency and service performance. In this assignment, you will explore some of the more interesting ways businesses can use this type of data. This should help you become more comfortable with the concept of analyzing data in general.
Have you watched the movie Moneyball? “Moneyball”, the Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane, must find a way to acquire new players in order to build a winning team. He does so through analysis of historical data and predictive modeling, creating a championship baseball team with little to no additional financial assistance.
Many different types of industries and situations use metrics and data analytics to enhance performance, and sports teams are no exception. Teams commonly collect and analyze huge volumes of data in hopes of improving player performance and recruiting high-quality players. As in other types of organizations, the human resources department is typically responsible for large amounts of data.
For your initial post, address the following:
Choose a type of sport you enjoy watching. What elements of player performance would you track to analyze? Make a list of at least 10 attributes. Would these attributes also work well as metrics for recruiting new players? Explain your answer.
Imagine you are the human resource manager at your current or previous place of employment. What metrics or measurements would you develop to assess the potential of an applicant for a specific position in that organization (i.e. a production supervisor, sales manager position, chief accountant, etc.)?

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