Create a business plan for a nursing home .

Use provided template to prepare a business and answer the following questions for a nursing home facility. This facility will be in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The purpose of the facility will be to accommodate the elderly population in the Virgin Islands and surrounding islands. This project is supposed to alleviate the underserved population while keeping families close together in an area with limited nursing homes available. In the following questions, construct appropriate technologies that should be in use in the nursing home.
Section II Describe the purpose of the project
Section III list the standards and criteria for a nursing home facility.
Section IV answer estimated construction components
Part A: demonstrate pubic needs
Part B Describe integration into the healthcare system
Part C What is the accessibility to the underserved
Part D evaluates the quality of care
Part E estimates the affordability and feasibility of the nursing facility
Part F analyze the estimated construction methods
Part G project cost, fees legal fees local fees permits, and other licenses and other fees.
Part II Land and site development.
Part III skip part III moving cost facility will be a new facility.
Part construction cost for the new facility
Section V Other construction costs if applicable
VI movable equipment
VII financing cost
Part H: anticipated effects of the organization
Part I: access to training programs
Part J: what is the type of project support for the facility
Part K: evaluate standards
Section V make an appendix for all supporting documents that is needed for the project.

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