Brief discussion of the relevant psychopharmacology being used in this case and the evidence for these treatments.

Medical Journal Case writeup topic: Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics Use during Pregnancy.

This article will be a brief case report that illustrates an interesting clinical issue in psychiatry from your clinical practice and aims to solidify your learning and teach other practicing clinicians. It should be written so that it can be submitted to a medical journal. The article should follow the following structured template:
1. A key message that answers the question, “Why is this case interesting or important?”
2. Discussion of the complexities presented by this case.
3. Discussion of how the case is being managed with a focus on psychopharmacologic management.
4. Brief discussion of the relevant psychopharmacology being used in this case and the evidence for these treatments.
5. Learning points from the case (2-3 bullet points).
6. 2000 words (not including references), citations, and references in APA format.

The case is about a 42-year-old AA female who is bipolar with psychosis. She is positive for auditory and visual hallucinations and she has been on meth for years now to quiet the symptoms down. 7 months ago, she got pregnant while still doing the meth. She has been known to the clinic since 2016, with her Dx of bipolar disorder I, but she stopped coming due to Covid. Now she came to the clinic in fear that her baby is going to get hurt from the meth and was asking for help. She is not compliant with oral meds. She last used meth three days ago. We offered her the LAI- long-acting injectable antipsychotic that she would get only once a month. it is called Abilify Maintenna. After the first injection, she stopped hearing voices in three weeks and started coming to the clinic to get once-monthly injections. Till the birth of the healthy baby girl the patient was free of her symptoms and was very happy with her injections.

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