Company Financing – Raytheon Technologies and Lockheed Martin

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Cover the capital structure, dividend policy, and other financing questions regarding Raytheon Technologies and Lockheed Martin. The primary goal of this is to answer the question: “should we invest in these companies?” as if they were a ‘project’ you were evaluating.

What types of financing does the company use? Where do they exist on the all debt to all equity spectrum and how does that compare?
What advantages and disadvantages do you see for this company from its debt load?
What is the optimal debt ratio for the company? How different is this from the actual debt ratio?
If you have insights on how debt for this company should be structured, please share them.
How (if any) has the company returned cash to its shareholders? How does this compare to the amount of cash generated over the last few years? What, if anything, does this tell you about the internal prospects for growth at the company? Does this align with your conclusions about project returns vs cost of capital?
Do you believe the company has accumulated enough cash it should be returning cash to shareholders? If so, how do you recommend that the company do so?
Do you recommend the company change its policy on returning cash to shareholders? If so, how?

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