Discuss an entry level Project Manager, experienced Finance Manager and a Marketing rep with 2-3 years of experience.

Recently, approval was obtained to merge two companies, Focus USA and Global Inc. The newly formed company will be called Global Focus. While both companies have global branches, there are significant differences in how each company was lead and managed in the past. The organizational culture of Focus USA is more home country focused, while Global Inc. tends to be more global in culture. The new CEO, Mr. Juan Caldez, was the original CEO of Global Inc. You have been hired as the VP of HR to lead the transition of the two HR departments into one through the merger.

Mr. Caldez has tasked you with conducting an analysis of the two companies’ HR departments and to develop a plan to create one cohesive global HR department. You find that Focus USA did not have a strong global function in their HR department and lacked significant components for supporting a global workforce. The CEO expects you think innovatively about the development of the HR department for the newly formed Global Focus company. The first step in this process is to assess the global environment and then develop a plan to strategically merge these two HR departments.

APA Citations, please ensure that you tie it back to the scenario, and review the attached rubric for further guidance and instructions. Please review the attached rubric for reference and as a guide).

Prepare a Global HR Department development plan that addresses the following:

• Use Spain as the home country and the US, India, and Germany as host countries as well for this scenario and project.
• Provide a policy on how the company will determine the applicable US and country-specific laws from an HR perspective.
o Please note that the foreign corrupt practices act not only applies to the employees in the US but also Spain, India and Germany since we are operating in them. Please also include that Spain has the EU anti bribery act of 2010. So India, Germany will also need to follow this act.
• Clarify how the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the EU anti Bribery act of 2010 will be used in negotiations conducted by employees of the newly merged company.
• Outline a process for decision making as to how the company will staff this global company including:
o A process for how to determine when to outsource or offshore
o A policy statement on how to staff for host country nationals
o A policy on how to staff for expatriates
o A plan outline for the repatriation of expatriates
• Summarize a plan for global performance management
• Provide three strategies for each of these employee groups that the HR Department will use to engage and retain employees:
o Home country employees (Spain)
o host countries Host country nationals (US, India, and Germany)
o Expatriates -no matter what country they are going into
• Provide a chart to help the HR Department determine global compensation and benefits packages for all employees.
o Discuss an entry level Project Manager, experienced Finance Manager and a Marketing rep with 2-3 years of experience. Find out the average salary for these positions in the Spain, US, India and Germany. You can use that information to create the table and in a second column of the table convert the currency of each compensation for each position. So the table should have a table that shows the average salary for the 3 positions, named per country, then the currency per country.
• Outline an initial diversity training program to focus on working with diverse cultures and in global cross-functional teams.
• Design the components of a risk management plan, which focuses on organizational risks associated with global security of employees who are host country nationals as well as expatriates.
o Include security regarding violence in the global workplace.
o Include security regarding terrorism.
• Make staffing recommendations for the Global Focus HR Department using an organizational flow chart with appropriate job titles. It must have at least 4 levels of positions .

Be sure to provide proper attribution for credible sources used in the development plan.

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