What prescriiption medication are you currently taking? (List name, dosage, and frequency of administration.)

Interview of Older Adult for Health Medication History Assessment- Student will interview an older adult in their community regarding experiences with pharmacological treatments, social determinates influencing effective treatment, and their interactions with health-care team members during medication therapy. An interview guide is provided as a starting point for the interview. Students will submit an interview summary and a short reflection on the experience.

Activity: The student will select an interviewee, conduct the interview, and submit a paper consistent with the Professional Paper Grading Rubric, including the use of APA format.

Topic: Older Adult Health Medication History Assessment Interview

Interview Guide

1. Tell me about your overall health and health problems.

2. What conditions are you currently being treated for with medications?

3. What prescriiption medication are you currently taking? (List name, dosage, and frequency of administration.)

4. What non-prescriiption/OTC medications are you taking? (List name, dosage, and frequency of administration.)

5. Have you ever experienced any side effects or unusual symptoms with any medications? (Describe.)

6. What do you know or what were you taught about these medications?

7. Do you use any herbal or homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplement, or vitamin?

8. Are you allergic to any medications or any foods? Specify what happens when you take it?

9. Are you being treated for pain? Where is the pain? Are you having any pain now? On a scale of 0-10 how would you rate this pain? If your pain is chronic, what level (number) of pain are you willing to tolerate?

10. What is your usual alcohol intake?

11. Do you smoke? If so, how much?

12. What is your usual caffeine intake?

13. Do you have any concerns regarding insurance or the ability to afford medications?

14. Do you have any religious or cultural beliefs or practices concerning medications or your health that health-care providers should know about?

15. When was the last time you saw your provider?

16. Are you having trouble sleeping? How is your mood? Are you experiencing any sadness or depression?

17. What is your normal diet?

18. Do you have any concerns about your medications?

19. What are your biggest challenges with regards to your medications?

20. Tell me about any strategies that you use to help you with taking your medications.


Write a professional paper summarizing the information you gathered and your conclusions following the interview. Reflect on this activity and relate the activity to the professional role of the registered nurse. Include an introduction of your older adult and the setting where you completed the interview. The summary may be in the form of a questions/answer format. Use APA format with a cover sheet (page 1), double-spaced with 12-point font. Attach grading rubric to the paper.

Cite references utilized for discussion using APA format. Sources may be course recommended references, national guidelines, journal articles or health organizations.

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