Letter to the Legislator Abortion Care Act 2022.

Visit your state or national ANA website or other state/federal legislative site and search for CURRENT health care policy issues and bills. Write a letter in the form of an email to your legislator, specific to a CURRENT piece of legislation and provide reasoning regarding how this issue will impact your ability to provide care to patients in your practice, your support or opposition for this issue, how this issue will impact health care, financing, etc. Determine if the issue should be directed to a state or federal legislator…this is to whom you should address your letter. Be cognizant that if writing a Senator, you should be referencing a Senate bill or if writing a Congressperson, you should be referencing a House bill. This is the case for both federal as well as state legislators.

Refer back to Module 4: Lecture Materials –Nursing Licensure and Regulation

Please refer to the grading rubric ‘Letter to Legislator Grading Rubric’ as you write your letter. The rubric can be found in the syllabus.

The position of the author was made crystal clear.
There were at least three solid facts with the source identified that supported the author’s position.

The letter would exceed the interests of the legislator. The bill is a current bill, the bill is a piece of legislation that the legislator can take action or vote on, constituency was identified, and the impact of the bill is well detailed

It was unambiguous as to why a nurse’s viewpoint was worth listening to on this issue.

The letter was compelling and memorable. The information included was relevant and detailed to the bill and useful to the legislator.

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