Indicate transferable skills from my previous work experience to the interaction design – Show how I can apply my strengths for grad school

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SCHOOL INSTRUCTION: We ask for a personal statement because we want to get a sense of who you are in your own words beyond what we can infer from your resume/CV. We want to see how your experiences, successes, and failures have shaped how you see the world. What ideas do you have and what are you curious about? What kinds of projects are you interested in making or re-making? Share something that you want us to know about you and how you explore and express your creativity. You can write about anything that shows us what ideas you have and what you want to do. Don’t be afraid to take some chances. Please note that you do not need to address all of the prompts above.

MY BACKGROUND: I graduated with a marketing degree and worked as a sales and marketing associate for the past 3 years. During the time, I’ve developed strong communication and interpersonal skills and strong empathy.

Being marketing associate enhanced my communication skills. I’ve developed strong creativity, problem solving, adaptability and keen eye for detail. I’ve practiced research, content writing and editing, social media and email marketing, visual design and photo editing.

On the other hand, being sales taught me persistence, discipline, punctuality, confidence, determination, persuasion, negotiation, storytelling, listening and rapport building. I’ve gained confidence, resilience and entrepreneurial spirit.

In between these 3 years, the pandemic hit in 2020, and have shut down most industries. With the pause and quarantine, i had time to think about my work, my life and my dream. That’s when my interest in ux ui design sparked. I realized the magic of working remote and any other essential online service such as online grocery shopping, food delivery, zoom meetings etc. I suddenly understand how importance the technology is. I started to dig into UX UI industry and self taught the basic interaction design foundation.

After the pandemic, i went back to work but was feeling unenthusiastic bored lack of excitement and challenge for most of the time. i feel like i’ve been carrying on mindlessly in a disengaging routine, like i have been getting things done, yet haven’t really “accomplished” anything. I started to isolate by being alone in at home and avoid social contact, causing me to feel depress and down about myself. i realized i’ve hit a plateau and was having sign of career stagnation. i want to make some changes. i want to work on something fun, creative and innovative, work that allows me to express my ideas with my strengths. I thought that maybe it’s time for a career change. And that’s the main reason for applying to this interaction design program.

– Indicate transferable skills from my previous work experience to the interaction design – Show how I can apply my strengths for grad school
– Encountering obstacle and making changes
– your help!

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