Instructions: We have two candidates running for U.S. Senate from PA. These candidates are Dr. Oz, and John Fetterman. Pick a candidate and their plan to write about. Just their tax plan, not the rest of their agenda. What is their tax plan? Why are they promoting that tax plan? Who would their tax plan help? Who would their tax plan hurt? Do you think it would be a good idea tax wise? Why or why not? Use a mixture of actual research information and your own opinion. For example, one candidate may say their plan is aimed to help the middle class, but your business knowledge says otherwise. Or perhaps other experts disagree with it. Be thorough, go into detail. Use APA formatting.
Length should be 1-2 full pages. One page submitted with a quarter of it your personal information and heading with the page ending only ¾ of the way down is not a full page. 1 full page minimum is perfectly fine!

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