What is the name of the country?

1. What is the name of the country?
2. Where is it located?
3. Who is the president/head of state?
4. Who is the vice president/deputy head of state?
5. What is the official language?
6. What product(s) do they produce?
7. What is their main export?
8. What is their main import?
9. What is the country best known?
10. What country or countries do they trade?
11. What currency do they use? What is the exchange rate of that currency to a US dollar?
12. How long does it take to open a business in this country?
13. What documents does an investor need to provide to open a business in this country?
14. What type of business do you recommend for an investor in this country?
15. Why do you recommend this type of business?
16. What type of government do they have?
17. Name one International Company and one local company that does business in this country.
18. What type of business does this international company operate in this country?
19. What is the strategy of this international company you have identified?
20. Translate the following sentence/phrase in their local language:

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