Template also call flyer

The topic is about chronic hypertension and impact on pregnancy

This project is designed to help you develop a Pinterest board that will educate patients about a topic in Obstetrics/Neonatal Nursing. There are several steps to this process. Follow each one and you will come out with a board that will be published on our class Pinterest board .
1. Pick a topic from our content outline.
2. Define the population that you would like to address.
3. Outline the information that the patient would need to know:
a. Understanding the problem (risk factors, signs and symptoms, prevention strategies)
b. Instructions about care. (when to call the HCP, resources)
c. Any medications that are usually prescribed.
d. Follow-up instructions
e. Anticipatory guidance
4. Make sure that the information is presented in a brief and understandable discussion. Do not use medical jargon or initials. Patients usually understand information at a fourth grade reading level.
5. Design the format applicable to the patient. Be sure to include graphics and pictures that illustrate the material.
Areas that will be considered in grading the board will include: literacy, organization, avoiding medical jargon, creativity and accuracy. There should be a reference list uploaded to the Canvas board that has at least 3 articles under 5 years old. Do not refer to websites that have .com or .net in their address.

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