Modern Africa History

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Write a 3-page, double-spaced paper (with one inch margins in Times New Roman), which persuasively answers the below prompt. Support your thesis with specific evidence. You may not use outside sources. Your evidence needs to come from course materials, such as our readings, primary sources, films, and mini-lectures. You should use parenthetical citations to cite this evidence, listing the author and page number (see below for an example). Your paper is due in Canvas by Nov. 13 at 11:59 pm. It is worth 20 percent of your final grade. There is a grading rubric, along with writing tips below the prompt.


This paper will be broken up into two parts:

1. In the first part (about 2 pages in length), answer the following question: What contributed to the end of colonialism in Africa? Drawing on specific evidence from the mini-lectures, Nancy Jacobs, the podcast, and the Al Jazeera documentary, describe the major events and changes which led to the end of empire in Africa. Try to balance the broader global shifts that occurred along with specific instances of resistance and nationalism on the continent.

2. In the second part (1 page), choose one of the below primary sources to closely analyze. You should: 1) describe your source, 2) explain how you have interpreted it (using the questions on pgs. 6-7 in Jacobs as a guide, and from Analyzing Written Sources in Module 1 in Canvas), and 3) discuss what your primary source tells us about how and why European empires in Africa ended.

Primary Sources (choose only one of the below sources for Part 2 of the paper; click link to open or, for the first two choices, refer to the Jacobs book):

1. Disturbances in the CopperbeltDownload Disturbances in the Copperbelt (Jacobs, 279)

2. West African Memorandum on the Atlantic CharterDownload West African Memorandum on the Atlantic Charter (Jacobs, 298-300)

3. Massacre of Mau Mau DetaineesDownload Massacre of Mau Mau Detainees (various publications)

I attached these 3 sources

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