Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Communication- Patient safety

Welcome to Module 3.
This module will support you with identifying and applying an interdisciplinary approach to Care Coordination for prioritizing and caring for patients from admission to discharge, emphasizing the role of the registered nurse (RN) as care coordinator.

Individual Discussion prompt:

Current research indicates that communication breakdown among health care professionals is a leading causes of medical errors and patient harm (PSQH, 2017). Choose one patient from this week’s scenario for discussion. Describe a potential error that could occur due to communication breakdown. Discuss evidence based strategies to avoid such errors. Include at least 2 current .evidenced -based not use youtube as evidence. use specific evidence based tool. such as sbar,bedside rounding,teach back methods etc, that enhances how nurses communicate,teach,or advocates for the patient.

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Patient safety network: Medication administration errors. (2019, September). Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).
American Medical Association (AMA) Health Literacy Video – Short Version. (2010, December 22). [Video]. YouTube.

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