Imagine you purchase a parcel of land on a bluff near the ocean.

Chapter 2 talks about various rights that come along with owning real property. For this assignment, we will be looking at land rights.

Scenario 1: Imagine you purchase a parcel of land on a bluff near the ocean. One day, there is a storm that causes a mudslide, and half of your yard slides down the side of the cliff. Explain how your land rights are affected by this event.

Scenario 2: Imagine you live on a property that borders a river. The river slowly erodes the shoreline on your property over the next decade. What does this mean for your land?

Write a short essay explaining how land rights are affected in each scenario.

Your response will be graded based on the following rubric:

10 points for addressing scenario 1

10 points for addressing scenario 2

10 points for writing at least 150 words total

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