Evidence Appraisal: Determining Applicability to Practice.

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For this assignment, you will use ONE of the two articles you selected for your research review/critique (previous/first assignment). Please upload your article with your assignment. Please follow the instructions below carefully. Please limit your assignment length to three (3) pages maximum (not including title page, appraisal tool and references).

1. Introduction:
a. In 1-2 paragraphs, discuss the importance of using nursing research as a basis for nursing practice (in general).
2. Body:
a. Discuss (in detail) the process of evaluating or appraising research evidence
b. In a brief discussion (~ 3 paragraphs)
i. Differentiate between validity and reliability
iI. Identify and discuss one (1) actual and/or potential threat to validity and reliability for the selected research article. So you will include one threat for each concept.
**Provide evidence from your text and/or additional resources to substantiate your discussion.
c. Describe and discuss how population and sample size relate to the credibility of a research study.
d. For your selected article, identify ONE (1) source of actual or potential bias.
e. Briefly discuss how bias influences data analysis.
3. Select a method or systematic guide used to appraise and critique the quality of evidence found in research (for example, the Johns Hopkins Evidence Appraisal tool). Also, see examples from Polit & Beck (2018), chapter 4, Tables 4.1 (Quantitative research) & 4.2 (Qualitative research) OR Polit & Beck (2021), chapter 3, Tables 3.1 and 3.2. Apply the evaluation method of your choice to analyze your selected research article. You may use a chart or table to demonstrate the analysis process. If you’d like, you may also scan or download and attach a copy of a completed tool.

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