environmental injustice within your local community

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Assignment Topic

This week, you will write a paper identifying an issue of environmental injustice within your local community, as well as develop research questions to further your understanding on the environmental problem.

Assignment Directions

Define the concepts of environmental justice.
Research examples of environmental injustice in America. Suggested examples include hazardous waste landfill, Warren County, North Carolina; Cancer Alley, Louisiana; Flint, Michigan; nuclear waste, Western Shoshone’s Yucca Mountain; and so on.
Identify one local example of environmental injustice.
Develop five sociological research questions particular to the example under study. Examples of sociological questions are listed below.
When did it begin and what is its history?
Who is responsible? Who contributed?
Who is affected by environmental injustice and how are they affected? Are poor and racially diverse communities affected more than upper class and white communities?
How does environmental injustice affect local communities?
What are the impacts on the community with specific reference to social and health consequences on communities?
Why do many believe that more must be done to safeguard the rights of all Americans around environmental health?
How big of a problem is environmental justice?
What are some communities doing to address the problems?
Assignment Deliverables

Your assignment this week is to write a double spaced, one-page APA paper (not including cover page and reference page; no abstract required) about the issue of environmental injustice affecting your local community. You will use the guiding questions provided under tasks to organize your paper. Complete a references page where you cite sources or websites in APA format.

Please use something from Georgia or Atlanta, im going to be using this for my paper for the next 6 weeks

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