Cultural Responsiveness and Compassionate Service Provision (Rendler 7).


Read the following chapters from in “A Scientific Framework for Compassion and Social Justice” and participate in the blackboard discussion board (attached file: Ch 1, 11, 12- Scientific framework.pdf)

Discussion post:

A. Please respond to the discussion prompt below. Your response should be professionally written in full sentences and proofread for spelling and grammar. Your response should be at least 300 words long. After you have posted your response please read and respond to the posts of two classmates. Your responses to classmates should not be a simple agreement or disagreement statement, but further the discussion related to this topic.

B. Chapters 1 and 12 provide us with guidance and frameworks that can be used to train practitioners to be compassionate and culturally responsive service providers. What effect do these chapters say increased compassion and culturally relevant programing will have on our clients and their progress? Why is it a problem if the BCBA decides on all the clients’ goals without additional parent input? The BCBA is the expert after all and has conducted assessments to determine the child’s deficits.

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