Briefly describe laws and regulations that apply and explain how your business will meet those conditions.

Each section of the Business Plan should be 500 words. If a section exceeds 500 words, review and edit that section to make it more focused and concise.

Section A: Business Concept: (50 points)

Please describe the purpose of the selected company, including a detailed descriiption of the product(s) or service(s) it offers to the market. Please answer the following questions in this section of your business plan: What benefits to the market does your product or service provide? How is your approach better than the competition?

Section B: Industry Analysis (60 points)

Based on your market research and using the DeVry Library, complete an analysis of the industry related to your chosen business. The week 2 lesson can help you understand an industry analysis and its importance. Please include the following in your analysis:

size of the industry in units and dollars.
growth rate of the industry.
prospects for the industry.
average gross and net margins on sales in the industry.
major companies in the industry
Each section of your business plan should be about 500 words.

Section C: Regulation and Legal Review (60 points)

A part of the research you need to conduct includes researching laws and regulations specific to the industry in which your business will compete. In this section, please answer the following questions in this section:

Briefly describe laws and regulations that apply and explain how your business will meet those conditions.
How do you set up a local sole proprietorship within your community?
Address any legal, zoning, and licensing concerns your business will face. Address any pending regulations which may have an impact on your business.
Paper/References (10 points)

The Paper should be written using APA 7 format guidelines.

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