Write an Essay regarding the following scenario. Scenario:

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Write an Essay regarding the following scenario. Scenario: You have been appointed principal of an academically low-performing elementary school in Illinois in a culturally diverse, low socioeconomic status community. Many of the school’s students come from single-parent homes or from homes where parents work two jobs to make ends meet. About one-fifth of the students in the school do not speak English as their first language. Write an essay with separate sections to address the following points: how will you create a school culture that embraces and celebrates diversity and engages students, families, and the community in a common goal of academic achievement for all students? Include a discussion of the legal (e.g., laws, statutes), political (e.g., pressure from school boards, pressure from interest groups, graduation rates), and institutional (e.g., operational models, discipline models) frameworks that could have an impact on the school’s culture. What instructional strategies (at least 2) will you implement to engage a diverse student base and encourage and increase academic achievement? How will you champion and implement these strategies? What types of results will you expect? Please include any references on a reference page in APA format.

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