What was the lived experiences of the others in the colonization of North America?

For this essay, please make use of a least three of the readings (not American Yawp) to answer ONE of the flowing questions. You must draw one quote from every reading you cite. You may lean on my lectures or American Yawp, without citation, to help contextualize. The answer to the questions must be at least 2 pages at 11–12-point Times New Roman or Calibri font, double spaced, with 1-inch margins. Please use in-text citations (Author, pg#).

–> Question one. How did geopolitics come to affect the colonies from exploration through the start of the 18th century?

For the course of the semester, we have noted how geopolitics have informed the colonial process. England, France, and Spain were engaged in a rivalry for dominance on the European continent that extended into the Americas. Specifically for us, these events greatly informed the formation of the 13 British colonies in North America and influenced their development to 1700.

–> Question two. What was the lived experiences of the others in the colonization of North America?

From the beginning the colonial project in North America has been driven by profits for wealthy investors. However, these people were not the only ones involved in the colonization of North America. The colonial project brought with it the notion of the “other” as it arrived in the Americas. Define the others involved and explain their experiences.

–> I will upload all the lectures, reading, and videos from the course onto files.

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