The Essentiality of Comprehensive Training for Medicolegal Investigators

Poster Presentation – The poster should aim to have visual impact, providing a reader/listener with a quick overview of the goals, methods, and important results. It should not just be the report, rearranged to fit into blocks of space on the poster. Realize that a typical poster reader will read no more than the title and a couple sentences of text. The rest of their short time at your poster will be spent glancing at whatever figures, photos, or graphs are shown, aiming to absorb the essence. Of course, if you are standing there with them, you have the chance to guide their experience. But whether you are there or not, blocks of texts will go unread. So the goal with a poster should be to provide whatever visual illustrations that can best do the job with very sparing use of text. For many sections, bullet point are better than sentences on a poster.
The poster should also have a bibliography, though it can be abbreviated to include only key references plus any specific sources of materials used on the poster.

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