How does colonialism manifest in each source (Crude, and Awake)?

1) Read the graphic novel Crude: A Memoir, and watch the documentary Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock;
a) Please see the syllabus under required materials for links to both of these;
b) I am pasting that information here, too:
i) Pablo Fajardo, et al., Crude: A Memoir, Graphic Mundi, University Park, Pennsylvania, ISBN 978-0-271-08806-8
*note a hard copy and paperback copy are available for $19 at
ii) Students will watch the documentary, “Awake! A Dream from Standing Rock” for the documentary assignment. Currently this is available for free via Vimeo membership at It is also available to be requested from other libraries in the Cal State Uni system.
2) I strongly suggest taking good notes on both, but especially the documentary: summarize key scenes; key interlocutors from the film; various tension points between different actors; transcribe key dialogue; and pay attention to the narration of the movie, transcribing key parts of it, too. This will help you with the below, so you do not need to rewatch parts; it will also help you prepare key parts as you watch, for writing about in the assignment. Note to successfully answer the prompts, you will have to watch the whole movie, and read the whole memoir.
3) Students are to respond to the below prompts in separate sections, writing in Times New Roman 12 Font double spaced, to save and upload as a .docx (please note that other file types have a hard time opening on my computer). Note, too, that sources utilized should be noted as (name of source, page #) for a book; (name of documentary) for documentary source; (name of lecture) for name of lecture. Each answer should be between 1 and 2 pages long–please do not go over 2 pages for an answer. Note that each required source is 5 points, so you *must* use the required sources to earn full points.
a) Prompt 1: What differing worldviews about the natural world are present in both source materials (i.e. Crude, and Awake). Who holds these views, and why? Here you must use insights from at least two different course lectures (note: different lectures, so different subparts of one lecture, counts as just one lecture) to help analyze these views.
b) Prompt 2: How does colonialism manifest in each source (Crude, and Awake)? How does colonialism therefore shape how the dominant colonial power/s interact with the natural world in both sources? Here you must use at least 3 separate insights from the lecture on colonialism/globalization, and explain which type/s of colonialism you think are present in the source materials (note: if you feel multiple types are present, that is fine, just be clear on which ones):
c) Prompt 3: How do the indigenous peoples, respectively from each source, and their allies, respond to the colonial powers? What tactics do they use? How are they similar and different in their tactical approaches, and how they are treated by the colonial powers they are fighting against? No readings or lectures are required for this answer, but you can use them as needed–most of your answer will come from the source materials (Crude, and Awake) themselves. Lastly, how did you feel, as you watched the movie and as you read the whole book, about how these peoples and their lands were treated, and why? Please write in the first person to answer the last part of this prompt.

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