Describe how you will disseminate the research findings.

Words: 420
Pages: 2
Subject: Uncategorized

length: 5 minutes (1500 words equivalent; +/- 10%)

Weight: 30%

In Assessment 1, you defined and justified your review or project.

This assessment requires you to develop a presentation that includes an explanation of the strategies you used for:

identifying the literature;
conceptual mapping and analysis of the articles, reports and/or policies; and
This will be helpful for Assessment 3, where you will disseminate your findings via a report or journal article.

Submit a link to your video and the script of your presentation. Your script should be a maximum of 600-800 words. References are not included in the word count and must be placed after your script.

The video must include you making a virtual, filmed presentation. It cannot be a narrated PowerPoint.

This assessment supports unit learning outcomes 1 and 2.

Your assessment submission should include a cover page. Download the Cover page template (DOCX 13 KB).

Explain and justify your project in relation to: (1 minute)
the research question(s) being asked of the evidence base
the aims of the project
Define and justify your project, using the preliminary results of a critical review of the literature that you have undertaken. In this justification, you must: (2 minutes)
explain and justify the search strategies, databases accessed, Mes H terms and Boolean operators that you used to undertake your review.
explicate the numerical results of your literature search.
conceptually map and discuss the preliminary findings of your critical analysis of the relevant literature including examples of preliminary findings.
clarify how these findings could be interpreted for the findings of your project.
Analyses the progress that has been made in your project so far in collecting and analyzing the literature; and explain how you will overcome any delays in completing the final report or paper, anticipated or actual. (1 minute)
Describe how you will disseminate the research findings. (1 minute)
Submitting your assessment
Submit your script
Submit your video link
Your complete presentation scriipt (i.e. everything that you say during your recorded presentation). A note of caution – in five minutes you can speak between 600-800 words. Your scriipt cannot be more than 800 words.

minimum 15 reference

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