Create a three-line single space heading in the right corner with your name, assignment and date.

ENGL 2860 Homework #8/Module 9 Genre
Homework Instructions
Download each assignment guidelines. Open assignment in word and read the assignment thoroughly. This assignment requires an essay of a minimum of 4 paragraphs 1.5 pages or more in the length. This homework shall be organized in paragraph format. Create a three-line single space heading in the right corner with your name, assignment and date. Each paragraph must be a minimum length of 8 sentences. You will use Arial or Times New Roman font 12-point size and standard format between words with default 1-inch margins. The homework shall be doubled spaced but delete gaps between paragraphs. PROOFREAD YOUR ASSIGNMENT. This is an English class. Consult the rubric on PAWS for grading.

Assignment parameters:
Watch the entire film.

Homework #8 Genre Module 9
In this homework assignment, you will choose one of these awesome genre films; pick a genre film you would not normally watch:
Aliens 1985 Dir: James Cameron
Tombstone 1993 Dir: George P. Cosmatos
Describe the story or narrative of this film in a paragraph or two. What genre or mixture of genres does this illustrate? How does the production design, and narrative illustrate concepts from certain genres? Elaborate. Did the main characters illustrate certain archetypes typical of a genre film? Explain. Did the narrative seem predictable to you and reflecting other similar genre films? Which ones? Have certain scenes been borrowed or found in other similar genre films? How was the lead character portrayed as a hero? Was that hero a reluctant one? How and why? Discuss any narrative theories you had about the main characters or other characters in the film you find interesting. What is the overall message of the film? Does this film change your mind about a certain genre? Would you watch another similar film like this? If these films were made today how would they be different? How do they reflect the type of films popular in America at that time?

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