Technology-Problem Definition Phase.

Select a problem related to IT Governance that you want to explore and solve. The Problem Definition deliverable is a one-to-two-page document that clearly states, “what the problem is” and “what I plan to do about it”. This deliverable is due in Week 3.

Here are some ideas to get you started.
1. Travel into the past and fix something that was broken.
2. Travel into the future and be proactive (e.g., will IoT get it right?).
3. Take an organization and design a process to improve their bottom line through IT Governance (hint: get them to stop doing the wrong things.)
4. Suggest where IT Governance is not getting the job done (e.g., does IT Governance really prevent crimes?) and how to fix that.
5. Design a general process to align IT with corporate goals and government regulations.
6. Look at the syllabus and your textbook for more ideas.

One suggestion is to select a problem to solve, conduct preliminary research to see if the material you need is available, and repeat this process until you find a realistic starting point.

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