Modern medicine & drugs: 3D Bio Printing.

A complete paper will include the following:

 A general summary of the biology behind the issue.

 An explanation for why this issue is making headlines (e.g. recent tragedy, celebrity news
story, growing health concerns)

 Describe any controversy surrounding the issue. Describe any potential costs and
benefits to people.

 Describe at least two sets of scientific data related to the issue. You may include figures
and/or tables from scientific articles or reputable data sites (e.g. Statistica) but your
sources must be cited in your paper.

 Discuss any legal and or ethical issues related to the issue and whether or not the US
differs from other countries in its policies related to the issue.

 Discuss how current and future scientific research can help advance this particular issue
and/or affect future policy changes? What role, if any, do citizens play in affecting this

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