How did you and others react to these aspects of the climate?

You are the Human Services Manager. Using the definitions of culture and climate presented in the text, think of a human service organization with which you are familiar with (volunteered, previous employer, current employer, etc.). Make a list or create a chart of the key attributes associated with climate of this organization as you observed and experienced them. Include the list as a separate chart or table, in addition to the written response.

Using your list or chart, write a 350-450 word answering for the following:

How did you and others react to these aspects of the climate? Specifically, did your reaction to these aspects of the agency’s life lead you to be more or less committed to the organization’s goals, more or less satisfied with your job, more or less likely to think about (or actually) changing jobs, and more or less invested in helping clients? What is each employee’s responsibility to the culture and climate of the workplace? What makes a workplace rewarding to you? How could a manager incorporate those essential factors into the workplace?

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