Determine the number of distinct segments present in the market as represented in the current respondent sample.

This assessed activity will be split into two parts.

First, you will need to read and use the associated data of the provided case study which has information about the company’s background, the problem statement, and the data collected. The data is provided to you in SPSS format to support the completion of a cluster analysis.

Following this, you will complete the relevant questions based on your findings.

Your Task

1. Prior to reading the main case study findings, Smartwatch Segmentation, go to page 5 and familiarize yourself with the survey questions that have informed the study.
2. Following this, read the case study in full.
3. Now that you are familiar with the case studys findings, use the dataset provided to conduct a cluster analysis.
4. Use the cluster analysis to determine the distinct segments and save your SPSS output file showing your results; this should be uploaded along with your answers below.

1. Answer the following questions in full, explaining your reasoning and justifications throughout:
2. Determine the number of distinct segments present in the market as represented in the current respondent sample.
3. After determining the number of segments, describe each segment using the most important variables used to define the segments. Based on these characteristics, create a name for each segment that captures the essence of what makes it unique.
4. Rate the attractiveness to Intel of each smartwatch segment on a scale of 1-7 (7 being the most attractive). Explain the factors for your choice and justify your rating.
5. Help Intels managers to choose which partner to go with: Amazon, Aetna, or Google, and complete the following for each of the three companies:
6. Rate a newly developed watch by Intel in partnership with each of the three companies on some of the major segmentation variables.
7. For each company, identify the three segment(s) in which they are Intel’s best target.
8. Highlight the benefits of partnering with each of the three companies and identify and justify which is the best choice of partnership for Intel to go with.

please download the file in the below link:

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