: Assume that you are an instructor at a university, the local Y, or an executive. You have been asked to explain a process.


Explaining a process is important. Giving information about how to do or make something is a part of life. In explaining a process, one becomes an instructor. He is teaching his readers methods which might improve or enhance the quality of their individual lives. The reader learns the problems involved in certain operations. Changing a tire or voting are not as simple as one might believe. Also, one must apply his own personal experiences and understanding to explain a process. In so doing, the process is broken down into its component parts and analyzed.

Directions: Assume that you are an instructor at a university, the local Y, or an executive. You have been asked to explain a process. Write a 5 paragraph paper (two to four pages) that deals with a process. Assume that your audience (readers) are completely ignorant of what you are explaining. Each paragraph may be limited to one step or one aspect of the process.

Select a topic that discusses:

1. a mental process

writing poetry/doing research

learning the alphabet

learning to drive

selecting a major

doing research

learning sign language

how to reduce anxiety

any process requiring thinking skills

2. A physical process

3. A process that confuses you – you are attempting to simplify it. You are trying to prevent students from making the same mistakes you might have made.

how to survive surgery

what to do in case of fire

how to avoid depression

how to cope with stress

NOTE: Item three deals with physical and mental processes but it is something that affects you personally. Therefore, you use personal references. Try to tell the reader a good story. Provide a lot of good information.


1. An exciting topic with good examples

2. Do some research into the topic. On the last page, list at least one source.

3. Rough draft (please include)

4. Detailed outline with thesis and plan of development (attached file, please include)

5. Underline thesis and plan of development.

6. Underline topic sentences

7. Tell me who your audience is. (attached file, please include)

a. Example: Audience; high school students

Place this on the page with the outline

b. Also state your position (attached, please include)

Example: I am a mechanic or an executive.

8. Assume nothing – tell the problems, simplify, tell the results.

9. Use illustrations when appropriate.

10. Have a good time!

11. Write a great title

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