What is the direct effect it has on Chicanxs?

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THEMES: Family, Politics, Gender, Education, Immigration, Identity, Industrial Racism, Discrimination, Class, Environmental Justice.

In a 4 to 6 page paper please write an analysis of three themes you have been following throughout the chapters. Remember that the description of the class has a series of topics that you can use to guide your themes. The rubric will be as follows:
4+ pages : 40 points
2 works cited : 10 points (Zlolniski is one of the works, you just must pick one more from our class readings or a current news article/scholarly journal)
3 themes : 20 points
2 quotes per theme : 60 points (each quote will be 10 points)
The analysis must answer three of the following five questions for a total of 120 points for the analysis:
(1) How do these quotes discuss the themes? Why is the quote important or relevant?
(2) What is the direct effect it has on Chicanxs? Who does it benefit and who does it harm?
(3) Any personal connections to the text
(4) How have these themes changed over time?
(5) A self guided question (if you use this please include the question in your paper)
(6) Works Cited Page

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