Identify two online news sources.

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Step 1: Identify two online news sources. Since the modern definition of the word “news” is subjective, I’ll let you decide what you consider news. Some popular examples might be Fox, CNN, Newsweek, New York Times, etc. Keep in mind that some of the sites might be situated behind a paywall (as in you have to pay to access the information). If this is the case, simply pick a different news source. If possible , try to pick two news sites with differing political leanings, i.e. Fox News (far right) and MSNBC (far left)

Step 2: Briefly describe some of the “headline” stories you see on their page. These will generally be on the news site’s landing page. The larger the font, the more they want you to read the story.

Step 3: Answer the following questions:

Did you see any of the same stories between the two pages?

If so, were the articles written with the same language? If not, did you notice a difference? What were those differences?

Where and how do you get your news? Do you watch network television, read the newspaper, or go online?

Do you think it matters where you seek out information? Why, or why not?

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