write a short essay of 3-5 pages in paragraph form that answers the question, how does the moral universe in the show Motherhacker compare to how morality works in our universe/reality? use examples from the text and from real life to support your claim.

In this paper, you must name and describe the moral universe in the text: rules, rule makers, rule breakers, how power works, who has influence, and the moral embodiment in character actions and decisions. You must also consider the following question: What are the catalysts for moral change in the universe of the show? What shifts Brigid’s moral compass? The first time? The second time? Etc…
Make sure your paper has a title and thesis statement, that each paragraph has a topic sentence, and that you use properly cited evidence from the text to support your claim. Be sure to consider a counterargument and restate your thesis in the concluding paragraph. Include a Works Cited page. (https://open.spotify.com/show/7rAolxBjL2mq5Dq9osvLmE?si=c02e5cc38c024ca8)

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