Write a Journal review paper.

Write a Journal review paper.These assignments have been designed to allow you to demonstrate the knowledge you have learned in the course on a more personal level, and even gain a practical skill that can be used in another course.

Students will find an example of a GIS application that interests them. The source may be a journal article. If you are unsure about your selected journal, please feel free to ask Maxwell librarians or me.

Students will summarize the article and identify the reason for their interest in it. Please submit your journal article summary (word file) and attach your journal article as well on the BSU Blackboard.

If you need help with the Journal Article or Academic Writing, please contact the Maxwell Librarian and ask them about the Journal Article. Also, the Maxwell Library provides students with information about library resources and services.

I suggest using keywords: “GIS application + your interest.”

Plagiarism: The instructor will use originality checker software to detect plagiarism in work submitted by students. You will be given a zero if your response contains ANY reference material (including online lesson material or other students’ responses) without being properly cited.

Citation and Reference: Please read carefully the below link. The APA Style Citation:

Written work must be typed proofed and written with care and effort. You will be graded on the depth of the content and form and writing efforts. Spelling errors and lack of proofing will result in a lowered grade. Please write professionally, without abbreviations and text-speak.

The Max page is 3 (including the references), 1-inch margins, 12 fonts, Times New Romans, 1.5 space

Due date: September 25th Sunday 11:59PM before midnight

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Good luck,

Dr. Kim

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