What job did you choose, and did you make it through the month successfully on your wages?

Social Change Essay #4

You will play a simulation game called Spent that simulates being part of the “working poor” (takes around 15 minutes). You can locate the game here. After playing the game, answer the following questions in paragraph form, separated by question.

1. What job did you choose, and did you make it through the month successfully on your wages? Was it easy to do so? If not, how far in the month did you get? Did you have to make any sacrifices or cuts you did not want to make? If so, what? What guided your decisions? How did it make you feel to have to make cuts?

2. What was the most difficult choice(s) you had to make when it came to expenses and why was it the most difficult decision?

3. While you played, did you ever reach out to friends for help? Why or Why not? How does this compare to what you think you would do in real life?

4. What did you learn from this simulation? Did any of the pop-up facts surprise you?

5. What other types of challenges do the working poor face that were not reflected in the game as you played it (that could actually make their situations worse)

6. In terms of structural change, what should we do to alleviate the plight of the working poor?

Be sure to answer all six questions fully and in paragraph form/full sentences.

Please keep the answers separated so we can see each response to each questions. There is no page length–just be sure to follow all of the instructions and answer all of the questions completely to earn full credit. You will upload your essay in Word (or equivalent) using the Assignments dropbox for Social Change Essay #4 (no emailed papers accepted). After uploading you will see a screen that notes that your essay was successfully uploaded. You can also view your upload history and click on the file to be sure it was successfully uploaded.