What are the factors that seem to be central to all three arguments? I

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Using your readings, answer the following question(s). Be sure to completely and coherently answer each question. Do not think that you have finished because you have written 5 or 10 or 15 pages. Your essay is complete only when you have fully answered the question

In our class readings so far, a number of authors have attempted to explain something about American politics by looking to cultural and economic factors. Namely, Tocqueville attempted to explain why democracy developed in the United States; Lipset attempted to explain how the United States was able to legitimize political power and establish a national identity; and Greenberg attempted to explain why the United States is such a liberal society. All three also argued that the United States was/is exceptional, that the cultural and economic conditions here were so unique that the political system that has developed is very distinct from those that exist in other societies.

Identify what the key cultural and economic factors are for each reading/argument and explain what exactly it is that they help us understand and why the author is emphasizing them. What are the factors that seem to be central to all three arguments? Do you agree with the idea that the United State is exceptional, that the political system here developed in ways that make it very different from the political systems in other countries?

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