What has been your past experience solving word problems?

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about foundational topics and linear equations.
When responding to the discussion questions, be sure to reference course materials used to support your work. You should also do the same whenever you respond to another student’s discussion post. You will be evaluated on the accuracy and your referencing of the material.
Reference materials: OpenStax, Intermediate Algebra. OpenStax CNX. Dec 19, 2018


1. Select two questions from the following list:
Give an example from your life experience of adding two negative numbers.
Why do you need a common denominator to add or subtract fractions? Explain.
Using your own words, list the steps in the general strategy for solving linear equations.
If an equation has several fractions, how does multiplying both sides by the LCD make it easier to solve?
What has been your past experience solving word problems? Where do you see yourself moving forward?
Because of road construction in one city, commuters were advised to plan that their Monday morning commute would take 150% of their usual commuting time. Explain what this means.
Find your last month’s phone bill and the hourly salary you are paid at your job. Calculate the number of hours of work it would take you to earn at least enough money to pay your phone bill by writing an appropriate inequality and then solving it. Do you feel this is an appropriate number of hours? Is this the appropriate phone plan for you?
Describe an aspect of your own life that has an “order of operations” such as mowing the yard or preparing a recipe.
2. Prepare the solution to the selected exercise showing the solution on a step-by-step basis. If your response is a descriiption of a process, concept, or problem-solving technique then be sure to show at least one example to support your post.
3. Check the solution if possible.
4. Discuss the method of solving the exercise that was used and possible real-world applications that could be solved with the same technique.


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