Analyze the gaps found in the above healthcare setting.

1.1 Analyze the gaps found in the above healthcare setting.[5 Marks, 300 Words] 1.2 Discuss the difference between workplace hygiene factors and motivating factors [10 Marks, 400] 1.3 Apply a change management plan to effectively tackle the above problem. [10 Marks, 500 words] Assignment Task 2: Based on case study ‘defining quality of healthcare’ (attached) (word count approx. 1500) [25 Marks] Reflections: 2.1 Assess quality of healthcare at your healthcare facility using Maxwell classification. [8 Marks, 500 words] 2.2 Reflect on some ineffective health care scenarios at your healthcare facility; support your reflection by evidence. [5 Marks, 400 words] 2.3 Supposed you were the head of quality management dept. Analyze how lean management tools will be beneficial to your healthcare facility to enhance the performance and improve overall healthcare processes. You must analyse which specific processes can be improved. [12 Marks, 600 words] Assignment Task 3: Mini project (word count approx. 2500) [50 Marks] Choose your own healthcare facility / or any department at chosen health care facility, critically reflect on weakness / weaknesses that need to be changed for better efficient and effective performance. To fulfil the above given criteria, you must follow the Project Report format, which should contain the following sections: 3.1 Introduction: You should introduce the organization of your choice, giving details about its size, its products/ services offering, and the market(s) in which it currently operates. [10 marks, 400 words ] 3.2 Organizations’ Structure, Culture and Organisational Behaviour: Show the organisational structure chart of your chosen organisation and bring out at some major cultural values which your organisation follows.[10 marks, 500 words] 3.3 Critically review how culture affects organisational efficiency and performance, and how the organisational behaviour impacting the human resource performance and engagement in your chosen organisation? [12 marks, 650 words] 3.4 Changes Management: do a SWOT analysis of your chosen organisation and review how you will manage the changes, as well as resistance to change to achieve the competitive advantage in your established environment. [12 Marks, 600 words] 3.5 Conclude the report and provide recommendations as necessary [6 Marks, 350 ] Concerning task number 3 we need to choose a healthcare facility in doha qatar